Alfamill Specifications

The Alfamill is designed to be a strong machine for it’s size. Using 80/20® extrusions has also made this machine easy to maintain and make changes to. Follow the instructions and you can build the Alfamill just like the one shown on these pages. But if you need another size machine you can make it bigger or smaller as needed. If you have space restrictions and the parts you make are small, you can build a machine with a smaller footprint. Unlike other small benchtop milling machines, the Alfamill can be made a little bigger to let you mill larger parts. This can be done when you are building the Alfamill or at any time the need arises.

Here are the specifications of the Alfamill using the parts discribed in these plans.

These specifications are close and will be updated when I have time to check them again.

  • Height – 35″
  • Width – 31″
  • Depth – 25″
  • Table size – 4.5″ X 24″
  • Spindle to table distance –
  • X axis travel –
  • Y axis travel –
  • Z axis travel –
  • Weight – 65lbs
  • Lead screw – 1/2-10 2 start. .200 per rev
  • Router – Hitachi M12VC 2-1/4 Horsepower variable speed router 8000 – 24000 rpm
  • Tool size – End mills any size up to 1/2″ shank (Be sure they can handle the spindle speeds of the router head)